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Marlin 925 .22 LR w/ Fiber Optic sights

This is a Marlin 925 .22 bolt action rifle with a 22” micro-groove barrel with clean and sharp rifling. This rifle comes with 1 ten round magazine and...

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Marlin Model 29

This is a Marlin 29 pump action rifle. This is a classic Marlin rifle and is a takedown. The stock is in beautiful condition. The receiver has little ...

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Marlin 20A

This is a Marlin 20A pump action .22 rifle. This rifle has a 24” barrel with sharp rifling. The stock is in very good condition with a nice finish. Th...

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Marlin Camp 9

This is a Marlin Camp 9 carbine chambered for 9mm. This rifle has a 16.5” barrel with the Marlin Microgroove rifling. This is an earlier series rifle ...